Base Oils

Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P. offer an extensive product line of both Naphthenic Base Oils and Paraffinic Base Oils.

These base oils are refined in our Calumet Princeton Refining and Calumet Shreveport Refining facilities and are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from aviation hydraulic fluids and heat transfer fluids to industrial lubricants.


CALPAR 4G III - Transformer Oil by Calumet Specialty




CALTRAN 60-00 GROUP U - Uninhibited Transformer Oil by Calumet Specialty 


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  • Calumet's Specialty Base Oils are a key part of our product line diversity and demonstrate the unique flexibility of our operations. We have many unique products and solutions for your application.

  • Calumet's Hydrocal Naphthenic Base Oils, produced in our Princeton, LA refinery, meet currently established performance standards as well as those to be developed in the future.

  • Calumet's Paraffinic Base Oils, produced in our Shreveport, LA refinery, are manufactured from select paraffinic crude streams and are offered in Viscosity ranges from 60 SUS @ 100° F all the way to Bright Stock.