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Calumet Specialty Products Partners has over 25 years experience producing API group base stocks. With the addition of CALPAR 4GIII Base Stock, Calumet now has the ability to be your single source partner for API Group I, Group II, Group III, and Group V base stocks.

CALPAR 4GIII Base Stock is a high quality paraffinic VHVI oil engineered by Calumet’s in-house R&D and technical refining staff to meet the American Petroleum Institute requirements for Group III base stock. The Group III classification characterizes the most refined base stock derived from crude oil, providing viscosity index levels above 120 and very high saturate content.

CALPAR 4GIII Base Stock is designed for today’s formulating challenges in automotive and industrial lubricant applications including engine oils, transmission and driveline fluids. 

  • Low Volatility
  • Very High Viscosity Index
  • Excellent Low Temperature Properties
  • Outstanding Oxidation/Thermal Stability
  • Made in the USA


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