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Calumet Specialty Products Partners has over 25 years of experience producing highly- refined, clean, and stable electrical insulating fluids. Calumet participates in the Annual DOBLE Survey on transformer oil. Developed in-house house by Calumet’s R&D group, CALTRAN 60-00 Group U is a superior naphthenic transformer oil that fully meets IEC 60296, ed. 4, 2012 general specifications for uninhibited oil.

The IEC 60296:2012 is a recognized international standard and applicable to specifications and test methods for unused mineral insulating oils. Transformer oil is categorized into three grades: Trace Inhibited (<0.08% inhibitor content), Inhibited (0.08% - 0.40% inhibitor content), and Uninhibited which contains no inhibitor or antioxidant additives such as DBPC or DBP.

Leading transformer equipment manufactures prefer and/or require uninhibited naphthenic transformer oil grade as it provides superior oxidation stability; contributing to greater equipment stability, performance and longevity.

  • Compliance: Fully meets IEC 60296, ed. 4, 2012 general specifications for uninhibited oil
  • Confidence: Verified by an accredited independent laboratory
  • Safety: Meets IP 346 and Modified Ames criteria for biological safety
  • Performance: Outstanding oxidation stability under severe conditions, without the use of additives
  • Flexibility: Fully miscible with insulating oils meeting IEC 60296: 2012 specifications
  • Value: Optimal protection against corrosion, longer oil life and greater efficiency
  • Choice: Latest advancements in uninhibited transformer oil technology


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